This book was created to generate awareness of animal welfare and funds for those who work the front lines in companion animal rescue, rehabilitation and adoption, and to educate children about the proper ways to treat animals.

Based on actual events, this story is sure to capture the hearts of its readers and serve to educate and inspire children to be kind to our animal friends.  For ages 3 to 9, the book contains twenty-four beautiful color illustrations and is published in both English and Spanish.  

An enhanced iBook and educational DVD are also available.

The enhanced iBook, available as a download for the iPad, iPod and iPhone through Apple iTunes or the iBook Application, contains four Storytime Movie versions with text, narration by the author, and music.  The haunting, bittersweet orchestral score created originally for the iBook, and six original songs from the 2011 musical Tommy’s No Throwaway Dog, based on the book, fully capture the emotion of the story.   

The Educational DVD was created especially for use in learning institutions to assist educators with introducing students to Tommy and its message of the value of kindness.  Included are the Storytime Movies, videos of the actual news stories, photos of many of the real people involved in the story, printable coloring pages, and the elements to recreate the musical Tommy’s No Throwaway Dog which will facilitate the staging of this production, based on the book.  Elements include: The script; the six original child-friendly songs and narration; and the graphics to create a playbill, tickets and promotional flyers.  

This website contains more information about the book, musical and DVD, as well as reviews, articles, events, and photos.

Your purchase of the book and iBook helps keep hope alive.

Proceeds are being donated to Hope Animal Rescues and other animal welfare organizations

Thank you for your support

Dog & Ball
Tommy the Throwaway Dog © 2010 Laura Marlowe